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Building and Area Management

Effective communications are important nowadays especially for large space in office buildings to connect all people and ensure fast and accurate messages are delivered. Moreover, in any emergency cases occurred in high-rise areas or basements which are out of normal signal service, it requires other communication system to ensure decisions are made and communicated promptly.

Radio communication SPENDER NETWORK model TC-1H will be an option for fast and accurate communication, without the limitation in distance or height of the buildings. It’s able to connect every work site together with confidence and supports the use of common channels in organizations that require independence in communication between departments as well.

Building and Area Management

Call log

Call log is a specific function to record user information to keep it for later review which can be loaded out as a complete audio file, however, it must be enabled and set by the admin for the privacy.

Building and Area Management


Monitor is a function, designed to listen to signals from other channels or groups at the same time as the main channel which can be set to unlimitedly listen as many channels or as many groups. This makes it very flexible for people who want to coordinate multiple groups at the same time.

Building and Area Management


Stun is a temporary deactivation function of the device. In case of device lost, it can be disabled immediately whether the machine is turned on or turned off, and it can be turned back to use normally immediately once online without the need to send the device back to the main center.

Building and Area Management

All call

All call is a unique function for one-time broadcasting across the organization. This means that the Admin or Command Center can send announcements at the touch of a button but can be sent to everyone in every group or to all users in the organization. Especially if Priority is set to a high level, you can be sure that everyone gets this information 100%.

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