Business for communication in the rescue-emergency unit

Emergency and Rescue Management

Working in the emergency medical sector is very crucial when there is a need for good and clear communication in a timely manner. Whether it is part of the information sharing, emergency room preparation, emergency equipment preparations, including referral and transfer of patients. Data accuracy and immediate communication is essential and helpful for the patients.

Radio SPENDER NETWORK model TC-1H will be an option for fast and immediate communication without limitation in distance. It can connect all applications together including identifying the location of the ambulance or the rescue team, using the Geolocation System which work well with the Google Maps system.

Emergency and Rescue Management

View Location

View Location is to turn on the location display on the phone screen or computer screen through the command center program (PC-Dispatcher) makes it possible to know the exact location and time of the patient and the vehicles for the preparation of the medical team.

Emergency and Rescue Management


Monitor is a function, designed to listen to signals from other channels or groups at the same time as the main channel which can be set to unlimitedly listen as many channels or as many groups. This makes it very flexible for people who want to coordinate multiple groups at the same time.

Emergency and Rescue Management

Receive sos

Receive sos is a function to turn on the emergency SOS signal with the touch of a button. In the event of an unexpected event or an accident, the unit will send this signal to all machines in the group. Most importantly, it sends the current position, latitude, longitude to the command center to show the exact location to the support team.

Emergency and Rescue Management

Gps Postiontioning

Gps Positioning is to activate a command for the location of the transmitter to be kept at the Server or Data Center and send the information back to the Command Center to display the current status position in Real Time, making it possible to know the location of every device immediately. It must be granted permission from Admin only for the privacy.

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