Business use in large industrial plants

Factory Management

Operations in industrial plants have different communication needs with different dimensions. whether it is a one-way communication or even communicating in large groups which requires the smoothest communication. The lack of clarity in the communication may result in the cost and safety of the operator’s operation.

The “IP Radio” Spender TC-1H offers the flexibility in setting up radios for each user for the smoothness of coordination throughout the work.

Factory Management

Priority call

Priority call is a special function for setting the user's priority level. This configuration prevents lower-level users from interfering with higher-level usage. In the same case, higher-level users can immediately intervene or brake the co-ordination of lower-level users regardless of whether the user is pressing the Send (PTT) button. The device will immediately cut off the signal from the transmitting sector to the receiving sector. It means Supervisors can edit orders. or change the nature of work in a timely manner while subordinates are working

Factory Management

Pc Dispatcher

Pc Dispatcher – GeoFancy is a special function designed for industrial use. The system can specify the coordinates or set the scope of the notification of the entrance-exit in some working areas, which can be assigned to all or only certain individuals. In the event that there is an entry-exit of the said area, notification information will be sent to the command center. It can be defined as a high-risk area for protection. Or it even can be applied as a check for employee’s time schedule as well.

Factory Management

Voice record

Voice record is a function that is available on the radio only. This function will record the audio signal usage on the device 100 times (all data will be sent to the server) in case the user is not in front of the device, you can listen to it again immediately once check. It can show the status of the sender in that group as a person, but all such data will not be stored on the device, it will be sent to the central Server instead. When listening, the data will be sent to the device, so the device will still work at full speed all the time. When 100 conversation messages are complete, the system will save data, repeat the loop over and over.

Factory Management

Spender Network APP

Spender Network APP is an Application that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile phone. It is designed for the users who want to coordinate with industrial users and organizations, but are not convenient to bring a portable device with them. If you have to leave the provinces or abroad, you can bring the account number of the device to the Application on your mobile phone. Just like this, you can use the phone as a radio Spender TC-1H immediately and integrate the various capabilities of the PC-Dispatcher in the Application, such as tracking the user's location, tracking, tracking member's use Disabling group meetings temporarily or even STUN to temporarily disable it, etc.

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