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Communicating without distance limits is useful for any travel activities, whether it’s a group tour or even a private tour that involves driving together for a large group tour. Radio communication therefore increases the enjoyment of communication among group mates more fun.

Radio “IP Radio” Spender TC-1H can communicate with unlimited distance. so you don’t have to worry about being in any place It also supports usage via the “Spender Network” application via mobile phone as well.

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Private Call

Private Call is a function for activating a specific group temporarily, where Admin Administrators don't need to create any new group or groups, just the user selects the person they want. Then choose to create a group to be able to add temporary groups immediately. and when discontinued This group will disappear without having to bring the machine into any new programs and can manage the group from the machine itself immediately. Therefore, it is very independent for travel group users. Each group is 100% independent from each other, but in case of wanting to join the group, it can be done as well...

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All Call

All Call is a special function that can send news or announce important messages to all devices, even if they are in different groups. In the travel business, different groups may be divided into several groups and independently of each other for privacy in that group, but in case it is necessary to announce news or notify all groups at the same time, they can use the function. This snippet comes in to help immediately.

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GPS Positioning

GPS Positioning is enabled to notify the user's location and status, and can also send information. This coordinates to the Server and sent to the Command Center program. to show the exact location immediately in real time +

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View Location

View Location Turn on the location display on the phone screen. or computer screen through the command center program (PC-Dispatcher) makes it possible to know the exact location of the user or team member, including tracking the past coordinates with GPS Tracking.

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