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The use of radio communication in security is quite common. Whether it is the police or security personnel in private companies, they all need to use radio communication. Sometimes it is necessary to make emergency contacts or to report to supervisors that are too far away from a conventional radio communication system to send a signal, including security in large areas

Radio SPENDER NETWORK model TC-1H will be an option for fast and immediate communication without limitation in distance. It can connect all devices together, including software programs PC-DISPATCHER or a dedicated command center installed at the computer that can connect all SPENDER TC-1H in the same group. You can also modify the settings of various devices via internet so that the operator does not need to restore the device from the job site to set up a new one.

Building and Area Management


Stun is a temporary deactivation function of the device. In case of device lost, it can be disabled immediately whether the machine is turned on or turned off, and it can be turned back to use normally immediately once online without the need to send the device back to the main center.

View Location

View Location is to turn on the location display on the phone screen or computer screen through the command center program (PC-Dispatcher) makes it possible to know the exact location and time of the users including support for reinforcements be precise at the scene of the accident or coordinate the incident in a timely manner.

Building and Area Management

Platform Audio

Platform Audio is a unique function to record user information to keep for later review which can be loaded out as a complete audio file, however, it must be enabled and set by the admin for the privacy.

Building and Area Management

Display the Group member

Display the Group member is a special function to enable or disable group identity status. It is a function that can conceal the identity of a group so that other groups in the organization cannot see. Once it sets, it’s still able to use with all groups normally.

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